Spring Skiing

Something about skiing this year just works. I don't know if it's the people, the snow, or just that it finally clicked, though likely a combination of all three. Over New Years we had some of our closest friends in town to visit us and we had a blast. We had skiing skills ranging from very beginner to very advanced and it all just worked. We had a great time together and truly enjoyed the slopes.

The weekend following was a powder weekend, I finally got up on the summit and skied some runs that have always challenged me. For the first time ever, I stood at the top of once terrifying runs without any fear. I skied them well (for me) and was ecstatic about the apparent progress I've made over the past couple of years. It was the first time ever I left Sunday afternoon and all I could think about during the week was getting back on the slopes.

Then last weekend, it was sunny and warm, but the snow was lackluster. It wasn't icy fortunately, but it wasn't as soft as I (or anyone for that matter) would prefer. Still a great time. I decided that given the great light I'd tote my good camera up on the hill. These two pictures are my favorite from the day.

The first is Lone Peak from an angle I rarely see. The area I took it is from a part of the mountain I don't venture to very often. Between the view, the light and a little help from Lightroom, I'm very happy with the picture. In fact, we enlarged it to frame on the wall. My first "art"!! The second is in the parking lot of Eric and Zeke. It was a rare opportunity to capture Zeke actually looking at the camera. It's now my favorite picture of my "boys". I especially love the light around the edges that gives them a bit of a glow.

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